Terms & Conditions WaterMensen

1. Application
These general terms and conditions apply to all registrations, booked by students with
WaterMensen and are applicable from the moment that the student registers (through the website,
by e-mail, by phone or face to face).

2. Courses
2.1 All our courses take place online. The student will receive details for participation before the
course starts.
2.2 General computer skills are required. WaterMensen is not responsible for any delay in progress
due to missing computer skills.
2.3 WaterMensen is not responsible for outages caused by 3rd party service providers.

3. Payment
3.1 The payment of the courses takes place by bank transfer. The enrollment is definite from the
moment of payment.
3.2 The standard fee for the lessons is € 55, – for 1 single lesson, € 265,- for 5 lessons, € 500,- for 10
lessons and € 950,- for 20 lessons . However, in some cases WaterMensen shall offer a discount on
the fee. The discount can apply to a specific student and/or to a specific course period or discount
period, and no rights may be derived from it.

4. Cancellation by the student
4.1 A lesson can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance.
4.2 The purchased lessons are valid for six months.
4.3 Refunds on already paid lessons are not possible

5. Cancellation by WaterMensen
5.1 If the teacher is not able to teach due to unforeseen circumstances, and there is no substitute
teacher available, the cancelled class or classes will be rescheduled in consultation with the student.

6. Privacy
6.1 WaterMensen will solely use the student’s details for the following purposes: i) processing
enrollment; ii) sending relevant information to the student; iii) sending special offers that may be of
interest to the student.
6.2 WaterMensen will never share the student’s personal information with a third party.

7. Liability
7.1 If the student is younger than 18 years old, he/she shall hand over a written statement, signed by
his/her adult caregiver, in which the caregiver gives permission to the student to participate in the
course, and declares to take on full responsibility and liability for the student.
7.2 It is the student’s own responsibility to ensure that the internet and the necessary equipment
work properly. If a lesson cannot take place because the internet and / or the student’s devices are
not working properly, no refund will be made.
7.3 It is the student’s own responsibility to invest the time needed to achieve the intended results.
WaterMensen will not be held accountable for not achieving any intended results.