Learn Dutch in a completely new, revolutionary way. From your home or workplace, when you have time. No long contracts or large groups. Buy as many lessons as you want and schedule these lessons when it suits you best!

WaterMensen offers high quality 1 on 1 online lessons taught by an excellent and highly experienced teacher.

Because the lessons are 1 on 1, they are fully tailored to what you need, so no valuable time gets lost because you have to wait for other students from a group.

Because of my knowledge and experience, but probably mostly because of my sensitivity, I quickly understand what a student needs and how he / she learns. I adapt my lessons to you, so that we achieve the maximum result in the shortest possible period.

We always start with a free intake. During this meeting we discuss what you want and need and I determine your level, after which you can start immediately.

Let’s make the first jump!

Zoë van de Water

My name is Zoë van de Water. At the Radboud University in Nijmegen I studied teacher Dutch as a second language and for six years I was a senior lecturer at one of the best language schools in the Netherlands, I&I Training en Opleiding.

In my work as a teacher I combine different loves: The Dutch language and culture, teaching, connecting people and contact with persons from all over the world!

I am looking forward to meet you, please contact me and find out what we can achieve together!

I find Zoë’s style of language teaching very adaptable to specific student’s needs. I know for a fact that the way she teaches me is different from the way she does with my colleagues. She gives the appropriate amount of push, depending on your current work circumstance, your educational background, and adjusts exercises according to your strengths as well as interests. I’m happy to have become part of this community she founded and I hope to see it grow further.

Philline - Philippines

Zoë is a fantastic teacher. She is very friendly and patient with students. She is always there for you if you need help. She made sure that I have reached A2 and B1 level in less than 4 months. I would recommend Zoë to anyone looking for a language teacher and I am already looking forward to my next lesson.

Samantha - South Africa

I learned with Zoë for 7 months and reached level B2! She is lovely, patient and she can explain very well. Zoë is a tireless teacher and my favorite actress, haha! I really appreciated the time with her.

Hamid – Iran

I worked with Zoë for more than a year. I can say that she has qualities that make her a great teacher: professional, empathic, punctual, flexible. One of her gifts as a teacher is that she explains very clearly, very organised and logically Dutch grammar. And that’s quite something to say from one teacher to another 😉 . If you are interested to learn Dutch with a professional teacher, Zoë should certainly be your first choice!

Ana Maria – Romania

I did an ONA course with Zoë. Zoë is an excellent teacher and the atmosphere was very good. I especially liked that everything went so fast! I’m very happy!

Dan Ping- China

I am from Thailand, I study with Zoë and I really enjoy it. I learned levels A1 and A2 very quickly with Zoë. Because the personal guidance is very nice, you as a student know exactly where you stand, all questions and exercises are explained very clearly and in a good way. I can recommend this way of studying to everyone!

Yupaporn (Fah) - Thailand